Zelená Voda

Relaxation and recreation center Zelená Voda is located about 2 km from Nové Mesto nad Váhom.

Resort Zelená voda

Resort with its entertainment and relaxation facilities is a great place especially for young people and families with children. In addition to many activities for your relaxation, you can enjoy tennis, beach volleyball, football, mini golf or horse riding. The water provides great conditions for windsurfing or kayaking. Another option is to rent water bikes, boats, or slides with water slides. There are also favorable conditions for fishing.


Getting to know the history of this region is almost a must if you enjoy your stay on Zelená Voda make sure you visit Beckov Castle (5 km), Čachtice Castle (8 km), Tematin Castle (12 km), Trencin Castle (22 km), or world famous spa town Piešťany (20 km).