Veľká and Malá Skalka

The oldest pilgrimage site in Slovakia

The oldest pilgrimage site in Slovakia – Veľká and Malá Skalka is located on the road from Trenčín to Nemšová. It consists of Malá and Veľká Skalka. In 1224, the Benedictine Abbey was founded in Skalka by Bishop James I. The monastery was considered very important and became the spiritual center of the region of Považie. The monastery was interrupted by the Tatar invasion. The peaceful and godly life of the monks has not been disturbed for a hundred years. They preached the gospel that they performed on missions. However, in 1421 the rich monastery remained intact by the Hussite wars.

From 1528 to 1645, the monastic possessions were in the hands of various people. In 1645 the Jesuits came to Skalka, who renovated the monastery and the adjacent buildings and built Calvary. Gradually, the Veľká and Malá Skalka were reconstructed. After the dissolution of the Jesuits the monastery began to deteriorate.

Veľká Skalka

Veľká Skalka – small church, monastery and caves. The church was built in 1224, in the Gothic style. In 1664 the Jesuits reconstructed the whole building.

Malá Skalka

Malá Skalka has a two-tower church built in Romanesque style. She was consecrated to Beňadik. In 1520, Juraj Turzo arranged the construction of a chapel on this site.

Monastery Skalka