Wall of giants – Slovak Chinese wall is a big mystery

Wall of giants – Slovak Chinese wall is a big mystery

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The Wall of Giants is a 60-kilometer-long earth mound and is also known as Volcanic. Although it is possible to find its remains in many places in Slovakia. Many Slovaks have never heard of this unique building. Although it is one of the greatest mysteries of Slovakia. Moreover, it is not clear who and why the wall built or how old it is.

The first mention of it dates back to the 13th century, where it was named Fossa giganteum, or Wall of Giants.

Slovak Chinese Wall

The Slovak Chinese Wall stretches from Sitno Hill, the highest point of the Štiavnica Mountains, to the village of Žemberovce. There it disappears, but in a few kilometers it reappears from the ground, can be traced to the confluence of the rivers Danube and Ipeľ. Wall is already quite disintegrated and is constantly shrinking.

Location of the Wall of Giants, Source: Pixabay

The Giant Wall is about 15 meters wide and 3 meters high. At the time of its inception, it was up to 16 meters wide and 6 to 8 tall in some places. Why would someone build such a huge wall for years or decades? Some experts believe that it is a continuation of the so-called. Sarmat Walls from Hungary.

Opinions on the Slovak Chinese wall vary. Some experts agree that it served to defend against enemies, others consider it a flood control system. Folk rumors in turn say that the wall was built by devils.


The answers to the wall of giants may be hidden in mythology. The Slovak mystologist relies on the theory associated with Old-Dutch mythological songs. He concludes that the wall was built by giants who once lived in Slovakia . But there are other remarkable connections. Surtr was supposed to live in the land of fire, which, according to a mystery scientist, points to the volcanic activity around the Left. Finally, the Slovak Chinese wall is marked by the fire, which were baked stones.

Volcanic wall, Source: Pixabay

This theory is supported by the finding of the remains of giant men. The graves were discovered only a few meters from the rampart itself. The settlement to which they probably belonged was used for guarding. It is speculated that its inhabitants were descendants of giants, given that ordinary people at that time were of lower stature.

Giant, Source: Pixabay

If you want to go on your own research, it is probably the best and easiest thing to do in the Štiavnica Mountains. In other places, the whole wall expires. Unfortunately, until mankind makes this mystery clear, wall is likely to disappear.