Turniansky Castle and Uhrovec Castle

Turniansky Castle

Turniansky Castle stands on top of a hill west of Košice in the east of Slovakia. On its limestone slope there is a rare flora, including the local endemite Onosma tornensis, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. At the end, only the ruins of the castle remained after the fire in 1848. Legend has it that the walls of the castle appear the spirit of a jealous castle lady. She killed a young nobleman and accused her sister of murder.

Uhrovec Castle

The ruins of Uhrovec Castle are located in the Strážovské Mountains in western Slovakia. Today, tourists can admire it as one of the oldest and best preserved castle architectures in Slovakia. Fans of panoramic views will surely like to invest time and effort in a short walk to the ruins of the castle to enjoy the stunning views of the Strazov Hills.