Trenčín Castle

Trenčín Castle, built on top of a steep rock, is undoubtedly a dominant of the town of Trenčín. The castle, which together with the Spiš Castle and Devín Castle is one of the largest in Europe, is our national cultural monument.

In the 11th century it was even a royal castle. Although the castle was the property of several noble families, Matúš Čák Trenčiansky (Mr. Váhu and Tatras) is probably its best known owner.

Castle complex

The castle complex, which is part of the Trenčín Museum, consists of a number of palaces. The castles of Ľudovít, Barbora or Zápoľský were gradually added to its basic structure, which consists of a robust tower of Matthew, Mill and Jeremiah’s tower. The existing castle complex is administered by the Trenčín Museum.

Visitors will also appreciate the cannon bastion and dungeon. Varied exhibitions, medieval games and attractive night tours are organized at the castle throughout the year.

Trenčín, Slovakia, Source: Pixabay

Legend of Trenčín Castle

Legend has it that the master of the castle, Štefan Zápoľský seized the beautiful Turkish princess Fatima. But Turkish prince Omar, who loved her, came with a load of gold to buy Fatima back. However, the lord of the castle asked Omar to dig a well in the courtyard of the castle. It took four years for Omar to get water from a solid castle rock, but eventually the affectionate couple was blessed.

Trenčín Castle is visible from a distance, located in the city of Trenčín. We can get to it quite simply eg. from Peace Square by Farská Street or Matúšova Street. Access is easy.