Traventine Hill Sivá Brada

Spišské podhradie

Traventine Hill Sivá Brada is located near Spišské Podhradie. Travertine bases are not a rarity in Eastern Slovakia. However, the gray beard is still the only living hill to which mineral water is constantly rising.

Traventine hill

The height of this typical travertine kick is about 25 meters, the width at the foot up to 500 meters. At its top is a lake with a diameter of about 3 and a depth of 0.3 meters. Mineral water bubbled by carbon dioxide, which contains a large amount of soluble substances, is constantly bubbling in the pond. They settle on the edge of the lake and create so-called. spring – a plastic mass, similar to a cave sinter, which gradually hardens to the form of travertine and creates a whole pile.

Mineral springs

Sivá Brada is also known for its mineral springs, which are widely used by visitors. The water was also used for spa purposes, and it was treated here in miniature baths of digestive system diseases and metabolism.

At present it is a National Nature Reserve, covering an area of ​​19.55 hectares, which, in addition to the pile itself, also protects the rare salt-lily, xerophilous and marshy vegetation.

Jerusalem Spiš

The chapel on Sivá Brada is also part of the so-called. Jerusalem of Spis (system of several chapels), which begins with the Cathedral of Sts. Martin in Spišská Kapitula and ends just at Sivá Brada.

Sivá Brada