“Take Me” project inspires you to help Slovak nature

“Take Me” project inspires you to help Slovak nature

NatureShow me Slovakia27. October 2020

About this project

An initiative that calls on everyone to improve the environment and collect waste in nature. “Take me” unites people who are not afraid to take matters into their own hands. Project informs about the problem of loose waste and at the same time calls for collection of waste and for the inspiration of others. The initiator and coordinator of the project is OZV ENVI – PAK.

Let’s clean up Slovakia together

As Gandhi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” So if we want change, we should start with each other. One way to have a positive impact on our surroundings can be to get involved in this unique project and spread awareness.

If you are also bothered by garbage thrown everywhere you go, you can start cleaning up the mess that spoils our villages, cities and forests. Thanks to you, it can also be a place where you live more beautiful, cleaner and fragrant.

Slovakia. Source: Pixabay

In today’s period of corona crisis, walks in nature is one of the few opportunities to spend free time, but also one of the most pleasant. So let’s combine pleasant with useful and help clean up Slovakia.

How do I get involved?

You can start very easily, take a walk in a nature with your pet or partner and collect as much waste as possible.

Various celebrities and influencers are also involved in the project. For example, travel blogger Milan Without Map and traveler Andrea Zahurancová entered a duel, the aim of which is to collect as much garbage as possible. However, they will not be alone. Both will address their challenge to their fans. If you want to get involved, just publish your photo with the collected waste on Instagram and use #vezmisimaandrea or #vezmisimamilan.

#vezmisima. Source: Pixabay

If you would like to get involved in this initiative in a big way and start a waste revolution in your town or village, you can find all the necessary information at: https://www.vezmisi.ma/

Interesting fact

PLOVEL – a new ecological trend

Since last year, more and more people have been involved in what the Scandinavians have called “plogging”. This phrase was created by combining the Swedish “plocka upp”, which means “lift” and the English “jogging”. It is an activity in which people collect rubbish while playing sports in nature. Now comes the novelty of Slovak influencers: PLOVEL, which is “plocka upp” plus “travel”, collecting garbage on the road.

Plogging. Source: Pixabay

Share it…

I have to say that I am very interested in the “Take Me” project. I am glad that more and more people are trying to help, bring change and contribute to a better tomorrow. Therefore, if you get involved in the project and would like to share your experience further, write to me at info@showmeslovakia.eu ?