Demänovská Valley: The most interesting places

Demänovská Valley: The most interesting places

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Demänovská Valley is the most visited valley of the Low Tatras. It is located in Liptov, which is one of the most famous and very interesting tourist regions in Slovakia. Demanovska Valley is located south from Liptovsky Mikulas and is a part of the Low Tatras National Park.

In Demänovská Valley you can visit the longest cave system in Slovakia, 21 km long. Two caves are open to the public: Demänovská Cave of Freedom, known for its massive sinter waterfalls and stalagmites, and the Demänovská Ice Cave. The first mention, cave dates back to 1299 and is one of the oldest caves in Europe.

Demänovská Valley, Source: Pixabay

Demänovská Cave of Freedom

This cave is located 13 km south from Liptovsky Mikulas in the Low Tatras, a few kilometers below the well-known ski resort Jasna. It is the most morphologically varied part of the Demänovska Cave System. It has a unique bead decoration, which ranks it among the most beautiful caves in Europe.

The visitors of the cave have two guided tours, the longer one is 2,150 m long (100 minutes) and the short one is 1,150 m long (60 minutes). The Demanovska Cave of Liberty has a number of extended spaces – halls and domes with beautiful sinter decoration.

Demänovská Cave of Freedom

Demänovská Ice Cave

The Demänovská Ice Cave is the northern part of the world-famous Demänovská Caves. The attractive and sought-after ice cave is one of the first known caves in the world. After the Dobšinská Ice Cave in the Slovak Paradise, it is the second largest of its kind in Slovakia. It is located on the right side of the Demänovská Valley on the northern side of the Low Tatras. The entrance to the cave is in the bastion of Bašta.

From the cave corridors included 850 m into the sightseeing route (duration of the tour 45 minutes).

Demänovská Ice Cave


Skiers know Jasná, the largest and most popular ski resort in Slovakia, Demänovská Valley. In the locations Záhradky, Otupné and Chopok – North provides many cable cars, ski lifts and terrains excellent conditions for skiing.

Jasná, Source: Pixabay

Chopok and Ďumbier

Hiking lovers will appreciate the extensive complex of hiking trails. The highest low Tatras peaks Chopok (2024 m) and Ďumbier (2043 m) offer views of almost half of Slovakia. For more comfortable visitors there is a chairlift or a gondola lift.

Chopok, Source: Pixabay

Tarzania JASNÁ

TARZANIA JASNÁ is located in the beautiful Liptov countryside. As the name implies, it is built on trees. Of course, when overcoming obstacles, everyone is secured with climbing equipment.

Tarzania consists of two routes built approximately 4 to 7 m above the ground, consisting of 34 platforms and 95 obstacles. The blue (shorter and lighter) route measures 281 m. The red (longer) route is 396 m long.

Every visitor to Tarzania JASNÁ will be briefed and trained in using safety equipment.

Vrbické tarn

Demänovská Valley also has its own tarn, whose visit is a guarantee of beautiful photos and moments. Vrbické tarn is a glacial lake and the largest natural lake in the Low Tatras. It lies at an altitude of 1 113 m. m. in the western part of Demänovská Valley. The area of ​​the tarn is 0.69 ha, depth 8 m, length 115 m and width 62 m.

Vrbické pleso with its origin resembles tarns in the High Tatras. The surroundings of Vrbické tarn are accessible by hiking trails. Since 1975 the lake has been classified as a natural monument and has the highest, fifth level of protection. The main reason for protection is the most famous and most important phenomenon of the glacier tarn in the Low Tatras with traces of the last glaciation.

Starting point: parking at the Grand Hotel – on the right side of the road along the educational trail Demänovská dolina and along the yellow tourist trail.

If you choose to drive here, you can park your car at the Post Office hotels. From the parking it is about 200 meters along the yellow tourist mark to the Vrbicke tarn.

Vrbické pleso, Source: Pixabay

Bobsleigh track

Liptov visitors can also use the steepest summer bobsleigh track in Slovakia, which runs from April to October.

The track can be found at Demanovska Valley, 5 km from Liptovsky Mikulas. 16 turns, 2 ramps through which the track passes and 6 off-road jumps promise a great driving experience. The total length of the bobsleigh track is 1000 meters with a total elevation of 120 meters. The ride is safe and can be handled by children from 7 years.

Bobsleigh track Demänovská Valley

Stone cottage under Chopok

The cottage is located at an altitude of 1985 m. below the peak of Chopok (2023.6 m). Altitude is the third highest cottage in Slovakia.

The cottage has a unique location, located in a harsh alpine environment, on the ridge of the Low Tatras. Perspectives are unavailable and the weather can be experienced.

Restored cottage is priestly, furnished, made of natural materials, energy saving, environmentally friendly. It is a place where half of Slovakia is in the palm of your hand and you can eat, drink herbal tea, pleasantly strange, or recharge your batteries.

Chopok, Source: Pixabay

Wooden articular church in Svätý Kríž

In the village Svätý Kríž near Liptovsky Mikulas is a wooden articular evangelical church.

The church is one of the largest wooden buildings in Central Europe. It is undoubtedly one of the most significant artistic expressions of Slovak wooden ecclesiastical architecture. It was originally built in Paludzka. The move began in 1974.

Church in Svätý Kríž, Source: Pixabay