Cathedral of St. Martin – Hungarian kings were crowned here

Cathedral of St. Martin – Hungarian kings were crowned here

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Cathedral of St. Martin in Bratislava

Cathedral of St. Martin is the largest, oldest and most magnificent church in Bratislava. The impressive Dome in terms of dimensions and importance is the largest church building in Bratislava (Slovakia).

It has more than seven hundred years of history, began to build it after 1221 as a Romanesque basilica, which was replaced in the 14th and 15 century Gothic temple with three equally tall ships. In the past he was in the castle approval of the popes.

Originally, the Cathedral of St. Martin of the two patrons, he used the patrocinium of the defunct temple in Bratislava Castle and the older sub-church, which originally stood in its place. In the 17th century, the consecration to the Great Savior was transferred to the temple entrusted to the Jesuits, and only the patron saint of St. Martin from Tours.

Cathedral of St. Martin in Bratislava


Pope Innocent III approved the request of King Emerich of Hungary. In the years 1563-1830 was the Cathedral of St. Martin for coronations. The first crowned monarch was Maximillian II. This was followed by a further 18 coronations, including the coronation of Maria Theresa, on 25 June 1741. The last crowned monarch under the main statue of St. Martin, was Ferdinand V on September 28, 1830. A non-exhaustive list of 11 crowned kings and 8 royal husbands is placed on a plate on the inside of the north wall.

In 1732-1734 the church’s ground plan was extended with a chapel. This chapel is today one of the most valuable artistic monuments of Bratislava. The Baroque tower was destroyed by a fire caused by lightning in 1833. It was only 3 years after the last coronation that took place in the house.

Coronation Celebrations

Few cities can be proud of having held coronation celebrations. Bratislava received this privilege for a long 267 years, when the coronation of the Hungarian kings took place. 10 kings, 1 queen and 7 king’s wives, who were also Czech kings, German kings and boasted the imperial crown of the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation were crowned here.

Today, the Slovaks have no longer king, and yet Bratislava lives as a coronation ceremony. Their modern history began on September 6, 2003. Each year, the coronation of one of the kings at a time of popular coronation celebrations is simulated.

Coronation Celebrations, Bratislava

St. Stephen’s Crown

The Multiple Presence of the St. Stephen’s Crown in St. Dome’s Cathedral Martin recalls that in the past he was a coronation church. The gilded replica of this insignia has an honorary place at the highest point, at the top of the temple tower. Its glass form is located behind the main altar and is depicted with the coronation cloak and scepter. The coronation list on the sanctuary wall is artistically complemented by the traditional scene of angels carrying the Hungarian crown as a gift of God to the faithful Christian king of Hungary.

St. Martin Dome Tower is 85 meters high and on its top is a 2 × 2 m large pillow carrying copies of the Hungarian royal crown. The imitation is a maximum of one meter high and weighs 300 kilograms.

Originally, six bells hung in the tower of St. Martin’s Cathedral. Today the tower has 2 bells, the larger of which is called Wedderin.