The most interesting bridges in Slovakia

The most interesting bridges in Slovakia

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Bridges in Slovakia

Who would have said that there are up to 20,700 bridges in Slovakia? Some longer, others shorter, concrete, reinforced concrete, steel, solid, arch, narrow, multi-lane, footbridges and the like. It is also interesting that the length of Slovak railway and road bridges reaches over 200 km.

Bridges have a number of functions, although joining the banks is considered the most important. On the other hand, they give us an interesting view of the surrounding countryside and some bridges in Slovakia are among the real architectural gems. Slovakia has a lot of praise and we will imagine at least a few of the most beautiful bridges connecting the Slovak banks.

New Bridge (SNP Bridge), Bratislava

In 2001, the SNP Bridge became a construction of the 20th century in the category of bridge construction. It spans the Danube River and is a single-nylon all-welded suspended bridge with a fan-shaped design. It is interesting that the SNP Bridge does not support any pillar in the river. On two hundred meters long and almost eight thousand tons heavy construction there are two two-lane car roads, sidewalks have found their place under them. A UFO-shaped café and a viewing platform are unmistakable attractions. The tower is located at a height of 85 meters.

Bridge SNP, Bratislava, Source: Pixabay
Bridge SNP, Bratislava, Source: Pixabay

Apollo Bridge, Bratislava

Apollo Bridge in Bratislava is undoubtedly one of the landmarks of the capital of Slovakia. The total length of the bridge is 835 meters, the height of the Apollo Bridge is 36 meters and its span is 231 meters. The American Society for Technical Engineering awarded the Apollo Bridge, as the only European construction, the Opal Awards for the best construction in the world.

Apollo Bridge, Bratislava, Source: Pixabay

Highway Bridge, Povazska Bystrica

The motorway elevated road crosses directly above the town of Povazska Bystrica, 969 meters long, making it the longest bridge highway complex in Slovakia. This bridge is one of the most publicized in the Czech Republic and was rightfully awarded the Building of the Year 2010 award. The dominant feature is the interesting 14 m high pylons.

Highway Bridge, Považská Bystrica, Source: Pixabay

Turkish Bridge, Poltar

The bridge in Poltár from the 17th century is currently used only for cyclists and pedestrians. The third oldest preserved bridge of its kind in Slovakia is one of the important technical monuments. Turkish Bridge is a popular tourist destination and decoration of Poltár.

Chmarošský Viaduct, Telgárt

The viaduct from the last century is located in the Horehronie environment and represents a harmonious combination of technology and nature. The viaduct is a very popular place for railwaymen and photographers alike. It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting railway bridges with a length of 113.6 m. Chmarošský Viaduct has nine arch holes, 18 meters high.

Chmarošský Viaduct, Telgart, Source: Pixabay
Telgart, Source: Pixabay

Márie Valérie Bridge, Štúrovo

The bridge connecting Esztergom in Hungary and Štúrovo in Slovakia was named after the Bavarian princess Elizabeth, called Sissi. Once the longest bridge in Hungary, today the pillars are sunk to a depth of twelve meters and its length is 514 meters. Unfortunately, the Maria Valeria Bridge was destroyed during World War II. It was reconstructed in 2001 and thanks to it we can now rank it among the most beautiful bridges in Slovakia.

Márie Valérie Bridge, Štúrovo, Source: Pixabay

Colonnade Bridge, Piestany

The town of Piešťany and the spa island are connected by the longest covered Slovak bridge. It spans the river Vah and is a national cultural monument. During World War II the bridge was destroyed, but Piešťany restored it. The work of architect Emil Belluš is now part of the promenade of the spa town Piešťany.

Colonnade Bridge, Dolny Kubin

Since 1994, the wooden colonnade bridge has been spanning the Orava River in Dolný Kubín. The covered bridge, reminiscent of Orava folk architecture, is a landmark of the village and is used by cyclists and pedestrians.

Footbridge over Dunajec, Červený Kláštor

The longest suspension bridge in Central Europe, connecting the banks of the Dunajec River, has no central support. It is made of glued wood and the footbridge is 149.95 meters long. The steel mast reaches a height of 28 meters. This bridge allows pedestrians and cyclists to cross the Polish part of the Pieniny National Park. The building seems to be a reduced imitation of the Bratislava SNP Bridge, even with a hint of the famous tower.

Footbridge over Dunajec, Červený Kláštor, Source: Pixabay
Footbridge over Dunajec, Červený Kláštor, Source: Pixabay

Dovalovec, Dovalovo (Liptovsky Hradok)

Dovalovec is a highway bridge located in Liptov. It is 526.4 meters long and is one of the longest road bridges in Slovakia. On the stretch Liptovský Hrádok – Hybe, where it passes over the village Dovalovo, 33 meters above the terrain bridges the valley of the brooks Dovalovec and Bela. The bridge offers a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside and the nearby Tatras.

Dovalovec, Dovalovo, Liptovský Hrádok, Source: Pixabay

Railway bridges

The longest bridge

Bridge near Šenkvice with a length of 740 m

The longest border bridge

Bridge between Slovakia and Hungary in Komárno with a length of 510 m

The longest motorway-railway bridge

Port bridge in Bratislava, which, together with connecting railway elevators, is 2 295 m long

The longest brick bridge

Former Red Bridge in Bratislava with a length of 215 m, today the access ramp of the Marchegg Viaduct near Devínska Nová Ves with a length of approximately 185 meters

The longest arched bridge

Hanušovský viaduct with a length of 389.9 m

The largest margin

Highway-railway port bridge in Bratislava with a span of 204.8 m

The largest reinforced concrete arch bridge

Uľanský viaduct with 55 m vault diameter, which is also the largest building of its kind in Eastern Europe

The largest span of the arch bridge

Two bridges in Žilina with a span of 112 m

The oldest preserved bridges

Bridges on the Vienna – Bratislava railway line built between 1844 and 1848 (eg the Marchegg Viaduct)

Highest bridges with normal track gauge

Bridges between Telgárt and Vernár, altitude about 940 m above sea level. m.

Railway Bridges, Source: Pixabay

Road and motorway bridges

The longest bridge

Elevated highways near Povazska Bystrica with a length of 2,081 m, motorway-railway Port Bridge in Bratislava, which, together with the access elevated highways, is 2,582 m long

The largest span of the bridge

SNP Bridge in Bratislava with a span of 303 m

The largest span of the arch bridge

Apollo Bridge in Bratislava with a span of 231 m

The largest span of a concrete bridge

Bridge Lafranconi in Bratislava with a span of 174 m

The oldest preserved bridge

Apparently a stone bridge in Dravce from the 13th century

The oldest preserved reinforced concrete bridge

Bridge in Krasna nad Kysucou from 1891

Highest highway bridges

Bridges near the village of Strba, altitude about 900 m above sea level. m.

Highway Bridges, Source: Pixabay

Stone bridges

The bridge with the greatest inside diameter of the arch

Bridge in Gelnica – 16.2 m arch

The longest all-stone road bridge

Bridge in Krasna nad Kysucou with a length of 53.6 m

The longest stone bridge

The bridge at the castle in Holíč with a length of 54.6 m

Stone Bridges, Source: Pixabay