Boat mill in Kolárovo

The boat mill

Boat mill in Kolárovo is the only boat mill in Slovakia. It stands beside the dead branch of the Danube River and floats on two parallel, moored ships. This is a reconstructed version of the mill, which was in 1982 modeled on the former mill existing in Radvan nad Dunajom. The Kolárovo boat mill is theoretically functional, but in fact it is not possible for it to work because of the standing water.

At present it serves as a historical exposition. The petrol engine from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries is a remnant of the locomotive, and it is reportedly one of the first mechanisms that existed in the world and was used to produce fishing nets.

The longest wooden bridge in Europe

The boat mill in Kolárovo is connected to a bank, a 86 m long bridge, which is considered to be the longest wooden bridge in Europe. During the summer season, numerous cultural and gastronomic events are organized here.

Wooden bridge in Kolárovo

The wooden bridge in Kolárovo is the longest wooden bridge in Europe. The bridge over the Little Danube River is 86 meters long and 2.25 meters wide. It has no specific pillars or other prefabricated parts. A copy of the bridge from 1950 was built in record nine days in 1992, based on the memories of local people who remembered how the bridge looked in the past.

The original bridge was only 60 meters long, but was destroyed by floating ice blocks. Even today, when the water level drops, the original bridge pillars can be seen. The main part of the bridge is made of acacia wood and its life should be about 150 years. The bridge leads to a floating mill, which is a local attraction.