Tematín Castle and Topoľčianky Castle

Tematín Castle

One of the castles in the region of Považie is the castle Tematín. As for the visual contact with the castles of Čachtice and Beck’s Tematín, it played an important signaling point. However, in 1710 it was destroyed by imperial troops and later fell into disrepair.

The castle is one of the most remote castles in the country. The platform near the main towers offers a nice view. The Small Carpathians, Myjava Upland and White Carpathians can be seen in the background.

Tematín Castle

Topoľčianky Castle

This royal castle from the 13th century became the center of the castle estate in Topoľčany. In the 15th century it was occupied by the Hussites and later played an important role in the defense against the Turks. Entering the ruins is at your own risk, so be careful and be careful.

Near the castle is the Cave of Rock and the remains of Hallstat.