Tajchs of Banská Štiavnica


Tajchs are lakes in central Slovakia, which were built for the needs of local mines and today serve for recreational bathing in a beautiful natural environment. Lakes from Banská Štiavnica are artificial lakes designed for the needs of historical mints.

The lack of water in the middle of a mountainous mining site forced engineers to look for solutions. A handy water supply system was designed and built, unique in Europe.

The aim was to collect rainwater running down the mountain slopes and lead it to the reservoirs. The water in the lakes was then supplied to mines and smelters, where it controlled various machines.

Lakes in Štiavnické vrchy

There were originally about 60 such lakes in the mountains of the Štiavnica Mountains. There are currently only a third of them. The largest lake is Lake Počúvadlian, which covers an area of ​​11.73 ha. The highest, Lake Ottergrund, is located on a slope at 939 meters above sea level.

Today they do not serve their original purpose, they offer a fabulous summer holiday for lovers of camping and outdoor, natural pools.

Tajchs of Banská Štiavnica