Súľov Castle, Castle Slanec, Šomoška Castle

Súľov Castle

History lovers can visit Súľov Castle in northwestern Slovakia. The castle dates back to the 15th century, it was allegedly built by the Hussites in the upper part of the Roháč Mountains, with difficult access. It consists of two separate castles, upper and lower. Although standing close to each other, the difference between them is at a height and connected by a tunnel that has been dug into the rock.

The earthquake in 1703 greatly damaged the castle buildings, which were never restored. The castle was one of the most difficult to access.

Slanec Castle

Slanec is a village situated in the area of ​​Slanské vrchy. The ruins of an old medieval castle are at the top of one of the hills. A document from 1230 mentions how this castle guarded salt stores. The surrounding countryside offers a beautiful view of the tower.

Šomoška Castle

In the administrative area of ​​the village Šiatorská Bukovinka is Šomoška Castle, unique among Slovak castles, because it is built with unusual basalt columns.

After the rebellion was suppressed, the emperor withdrew several castles, but Šomoška was spared. However, the castle gradually began to deteriorate and the last tower burned down in 1826 when it was struck by lightning.

Stone waterfall

Visitors can also see a unique natural phenomenon, the Stone Waterfall, which lies northeast of the castle hill. Stone Sea is a large space and consists, as the name suggests, a large number of stones.