Strečno Castle

Strečno Fortress

On the left bank of the river Váh, near Žilina, we find the Strečno Castle on the top of the limestone rock. In the past, it was the safest fortress in the Považie region.

History of the castle

The story that is most associated with the Strečno Castle is the personal story of Sophia Bosniak. Above all, it is a story of love for husband, god and poverty. The intact remains of her body were found in the crypt of the castle and transferred to the church in Teplička nad Váhom, but in April 2009 they were destroyed by vandals. A replica of her mummy is located in the castle chapel.

Strečno Castle is an inseparable part of the scenery of Malá Fatra, from the castle rock and the road above the castle there is a beautiful view of the Strečian Mountain Pass, the Domašín Meander and a large part of the Žilina Basin.

Margita and Besná

In the past, there was a dangerous rock called Margita and Besná, where many rafts died. This rock is now just past – it was shot. During World War II there was a bloody battle. Above the village are buried French guerrillas, who fell in combat.

The village has a rich history and even today it is in great demand, because there is beautiful nature, castles and many hiking and biking trails.

The ruins of the castle can be reached from the bridge in about 1 hour, following the tourist signs. There is an information board next to the bridge. Follow the red sign that points to Chata pod Suchým.

Strečno Castle