Square of Freedom in Bratislava

Square of Freedom is a monumental square with lots of greenery and the largest fountain in Bratislava. The architecture around the square evokes memories of building socialism and at the same time evokes respect and nostalgia. There were important events in this square in the past.

Ján Bahýľ

Slovak inventor Ján Bahýľ took off in 1897 on the first helicopter in the world.

The dominant of the Square of Freedom is the fountain Družba, which is the largest fountain in Bratislava.

The core of this stainless steel work is the linden blossom, which is a symbol of the Slavs. The flower itself is 9 meters in diameter and is the center of the circle, which is 45m in diameter. Originally cascading pools surrounding the fountain have a difference of 2.5 m.

Before the Revolution, the Square of Freedom was officially known as Gottwald Square. Clement Gottwald waved gigantic statues that were destroyed.

On one side of the square are Government offices of the Slovak Republic (Government Office).