Slovenská Ľupča Castle and Chateau Revište

Castle Slovenská Ľupča

One of the best preserved Slovak castles stands above the village of Slovenská Ľupča. Castle Slovenská Ľupča was part of the dowry of the queens of the Kingdom of Hungary.

Due to its location near large forests, which are full of animals, he was often visited by monarchs. In the 19th century it was owned by the state, which since 1873 used the castle as an orphanage. Later, the castle was taken care of by the female monastic order, even during the Slovak National Uprising. In World War II, the Nazis turned the castle into a prison for rebels.

Castle Slovenská Ľupča

Revište Castle

The ruins of Revište castle near Hliník nad Hronom are situated in the middle of a romantic environment. It stands on top of a steep rock about 100 m above the river Hron. The castle was built in the 14th century as part of the protection of the central Czech mining towns and trade route along the river Hron.

In 1678 the mercenaries of Imrich Thököly conquered the castle and turned it into ruins. Only some of the castle walls survived this attack.