Slovakia can offer a lot of experiences. From natural treasures and beautiful scenery, to historical monuments and castles and unique worldwide.

Heart of Europe

Thanks to its geographical position,Slovak republic is considered as the heart of Europe. Many natives, however, wear it in their heart, thanks to the beautiful Slovak nature, traditions and history, which you can feel from castles across the country, the unique atmosphere of typical Slovak villages, but also larger cities, where the original Slovak gastronomy, friendly inhabitants , entertainment and culture are connected.

There is so many beautiful countries with great potential in the world, but Slovakia is special in many ways.

It is a beautiful country that hides treasures. Among them, you can also find curiosities that are really interesting. Although Slovak republic has smaller area than the surrounding countries, it can offer a lot of experiences. From natural treasures, beautiful scenery, historical monuments and castles to unique worldwide.

Show me Slovakia would like to show you everything what Slovakia is proud of.