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Natural and general points of interest about the Slovak landscape. Slovakia boasts many unique features in the world of architecture, nature and experience.

The northernmost point of Slovakia is Beskydok 1168.4 m. m.

The westernmost point of Slovakia is Záhorská Ves.

The southernmost place in Slovakia is Patince.

The easternmost point of Slovakia is Kremenec 1221 m. m.

The deepest gorge of Slovakia is Zádielska Valley (with a depth of 400 meters).

The largest volcanic mountain range in Slovakia is Poľana (1,458 m asl). It is a massive, strongly upset stratovolcano. The diameter of the base of the volcano is about 18 km, the diameter of the crater is about 6 km. Poľana is a protected area with an area of ​​200.79 km2.

The largest cave complex in Slovakia is the Demänovská Caves in the Low Tatras. They were created by the immersion waters of the river Demänovka in the limestones of the Demänovská Valley. Demänovská Cave of Liberty with rich chapel decoration is one of the most beautiful and most visited caves.

The largest reservoir in Slovakia by volume is Liptovská Mara.

The largest reservoir in Slovakia by area is Orava dam.

The largest waterfall in Slovakia is Skok waterfall.

Waterfall Skok

The largest stalagmite is located in Krásnohorská Cave in the Slovak Karst. It is 32.7 m high and 14 m wide at the base. This stalagmite should be the largest in the world.

The place in Slovakia with the lowest annual average temperature is the peak of Lomnický štít (2,632 m above sea level) – 3.7 ° C.

Lomnický štít

The locality with the highest average rainfall per year in Slovakia is Zbojnícka chata (1,960 m above sea level) – 2,130 mm

The largest city in Slovakia is High Tatras.

The most populated city in Slovakia is Bratislava.

The longest Slovak river is Váh.

The largest and the deepest lake in Slovakia is the Great Lake Hincovo – 20.1 ha, depth 53 m.

The largest wooden altar in the world is in Levoča – Church of Sts. Jakub, author Master Pavol of Levoča, beginning of the 16th century, height 18.6 m and width 6.3 m.

The highest church tower in Slovakia is in Spišská Nová Ves (87 m).

The largest castle complex is Spiš Castle

The largest municipality of Slovakia su Smižany (8448)

The narrowest canyon in Slovakia is the Manín canyon.

The largest square is in Rožňava.

The biggest ZOO and botanical garden is Košice.

The largest Gothic church, urban conservation area and the oldest European and second oldest world marathon in Slovakia are in Košice.

Marathon in Košice