Slovak nature

Slovak nature

Slovak nature is rich in beautiful fauna and flora. Forests cover up to 36% of the total area. Many animals, plants and territories are protected by law.

National Parks

Currently, there are 9 national parks and 14 protected landscape areas in the Slovak Republic.

Tourists can visit the High Tatras, which are the smallest, but all the more beautiful mountains in Europe. Alternatively, a little lower neighboring – Low Tatras.

Slovak Paradise National Park, which hides an adventure in the form of waterfalls, which you discover on the way through a number of ladders.

Slovakia can boast of unspoiled nature and many corners worth exploring.

Poloniny offers romance in the form of a remote forest and the Malá and Veľká Fatra national parks conceal a mix of virtually everything.

If you visit Muránska Planina, you can easily meet wild horses.

The Slovak Karst is unique by its caves and if you visit the smallest national park Pieniny you will not regret it.

From valleys to mountains

Slovak nature is not only picturesque, but also rich in unusualities and rarities. Slovakia abounds in beautiful nature, whether in the valleys or in the mountains.

We have many rivers, mountains and especially beautiful natural monuments. Untouched Slovak nature, hiking with a view of the whole Slovakia, or in protected areas from the UNESCO list.