Slovak cuisine

Slovak kitchen

In Slovakia you will find quality gastronomy at affordable prices. Slovak cuisine is as varied as the country itself.

Traditional dishes

The traditional cuisine of mountain areas is particularly preferred by those who like cheese and dairy products. In the lower areas, you can taste more spicy meals, cabbage specialties, geese, elbow or trdelník and eventually flush the food with good wine from the lowlands and southern slopes of the Carpathians or from the Tokaj region.

The traditional basic components of the Slovak diet have always been and still are milk, potatoes and cabbage. Delicious dishes typical of Slovak cuisine, such as cabbage with dumplings, can be prepared by combining these ingredients.

Milk is fresh or sour, and all dairy products such as whey, curd, sheep cheese and sheep cheese are also very popular.

Smoked or fresh sheep’s cheese products are sold in various forms and Slovaks love them. Their taste is unbeatable and some say that the best of the best can be bought in the Liptov region.

Slovak national food

Slovak national food is sheep cheese dumplings. Dumplings are best savored on a typical Slovak “chalet” or “huts”. Interesting is the annual competition in cooking and eating gnocchi, which is organized in a small mountain village Turecká at the foot of the Veľká Fatra. Fans of “gnome” from all over the world meet here. This is the World Cup.

Traditional home-made dishes include a variety of potato dishes. They are mostly in the form of dough – cooked or fried (potato pancakes, pancakes).

Varied rock of sheep cheese and cabbage are also very popular ingredients used in Slovak cuisine.

From the Slovak region of Záhorie is interesting pastry called Skalický trdelník in the form of a cylinder with an opening inside.

Sheep cheese dumplings

Slovak drinks

Slovak wines

In Slovakia, high-quality quality wines are produced, the vines have been grown here since Roman times.

Wine or beer is usually consumed with savory biscuits (manatee, pate).

Goose feasts and slaughtering

Goose feast is a well-known gastronomic event, which is organized primarily in the village Slovenský Grob, which is located near the capital.

Pig slaughterers are also interesting for those who have never experienced them and will appreciate delicious homemade products. Pork specialties are also part of the dining room of many restaurants.

Homemade soft drinks such as Vinea and Kofola, and a wide selection of quality mineral waters compete with the world’s soft drinks brands.

Slovak spirits

The specific Slovak distillate is pine, the popular distillate is plum brandy and chillies. High-mountain hotels and chalets offer a distillate called Horec, a stimulating drink after strenuous hiking. Demenovka, which contains extracts of medicinal herbs, is also a good choice.

Slovak beers

On the other hand, beer is also very popular in Slovakia. Slovak beers are of good quality and brands such as Golden Pheasant, Thirsty Monk or Topvar are comparable to excellent Czech beers. You can also try the authentic taste of different brands of unfiltered beers in local breweries.