Šariš Castle, Castle Sasov, Sklabiňa Castle

Šariš Castle

The strong medieval center of Šariš was Šariš Castle, whose ruins are visible on a hill above the town of Velky Saris, northwest of Prešov. Its history began in the 12th century, when it was necessary to protect an important trade route known as the route from Torysa.

It was one of the largest castles in Slovakia until 1660, when it was destroyed by an explosion of gunpowder stored in the castle. The ruins, as well as old pictures of the castle, testify to its voluminousness.

Sasov Castle

The ruins of the medieval Sasov castle are located not far from Žiar nad Hronom. According to legend, lord of Zvolen Castle built the castle Sasov for his servant, who saved his life while hunting.

The role of Sasov Castle was to guard the trade route and collect tolls. In the 14th century it became a royal property and part of the dowry of royal wives. The castle fell apart after the rebellion in 1708. Only some of the castle walls survived.

Sklabiňa Castle

Sklabiňa Castle stands on the edge of the Turčianska Basin and the Veľká Fatra Mountains. After 1320, it became the seat of the Turca district events. It remained the center of regional administration until the mid-18th century. After the castle burnt down in 1944, it began to decompose together with the castle.

Today, the castle is reconstructed and the renovation is in the care of young enthusiasts who organize various interesting events in its premises, such as the Castle Celebrations connected with the historical conquest of the castle and so on.