Rocky Budzogan

A very interesting formation in the shape of Budzogan is one of the natural beauties that can be found in Rajecká Valley on the slope of Žibrid Hill. Rocky Budzogan is surrounded by a dense forest and therefore cannot be seen from the peak of Súľov rocks.

The legend

According to a traditional legend, Hromodub once grew here – the largest tree in the world. One day he passed a field that lacked budzogan. Therefore, he said he would make it from this tree. At work, however, the sap of the tree stuck to the ground. Angry budzogan stabbed it with the wish to stone.

The rocky Budzogan (720 m above sea level) has the form of a clenched fist and is approximately 12 m high. It is ranked among the 7 most natural beauties of Slovakia.

Budzogan, Slovakia.