Relax & SPA

Relax in Slovakia

Slovakia boasts a diverse natural environment that offers many opportunities for leisure and sports. Whether it’s mountain hiking, adrenaline sports, relax & SPA, or exciting water or air fun.

If you like active relaxation, you can choose from a wide range of unique experiences.

The traditional sports of our country include skiing, hiking and river sports, and new additions are made every year: waterparks, bungee jumping, mountain biking and paragliding, etc.

Every visitor to Slovakia has a wide choice of experiences.

Underground wealth

Slovakia is a country blessed with underground wealth that has healing power and beneficial effects on the human body and rushes to the surface from mineral springs.

Therapeutic baths in Slovakia are among the oldest and best quality in Central Europe.


Probably the most famous spa resort in our country are Piešťany, which is famous not only for its unique thermal mineral waters, but also for its therapeutic sulfuric mud.

Rajecké Teplice will undoubtedly enchant all its visitors with its historical atmosphere, while Turčianske Teplice spoils visitors with unique procedures such as gold treatment.

Two spa resort boasts its European uniqueness. First, Sklené Teplice with a steam pool, appropriately named “Parenica”, and secondly, in Trenčianske Teplice, where there are Turkish baths.

The exceptionally clean mountain air from the High Tatras, home to several spas, helps to treat various respiratory diseases.