Považský Castle and Pustý Castle

Považský Castle

Považský Castle is located on a steep mountain, on the right bank of the river Váh. Castle was built in the second half of the 13th century. Its task was to protect the trade routes leading through this section. The ascent to the ruins promises a pleasant experience, as the remnants of the towers open a magnificent view of the Váh River and the Manín Gorge.

Pustý Castle

Pustý Castle (also known as the old castle of Zvolen) is located near Zvolen. Surprisingly, it is a large castle, comparable to the more famous Spiš Castle.

It occupies an area of ​​almost 8 hectares and is one of the largest castle ruins, not only in Slovakia but also in Europe. Since 1922, extensive archaeological research has been carried out in the Pusty Castle. It was very successful. On the castle hill were found traces of a much older fort with stone walls from the early Bronze Age.

The area of ​​the Pustý Castle, where archaeological research is currently underway, is open to the public and can be accessed via a nature trail.