City Piestany

Piešťany is located in the southwestern part of Slovakia. The first written mention of the town from 1113 is in the Zobor Charter of Hungarian King Koloman I under the name “Pescan”, derived from “Piestany”, which used to denote the settlement and the settlement itself.

Thermal spring

In the 16th century, 2 km south of the old Piešťany opposite the thermal springs, the spa settlement Teplice was founded and the healing springs about the healing effects of the local springs are not waiting long.

The greatest flowering of the town of Piešťany is connected with the Winter family, who realized the construction of the most important spa houses, bridges and cultural facilities.


Healing sources

Natural healing resources – thermal mineral water and unique sulfuric healing mud – were the basis for the establishment of Piešťany Spa. In Piešťany there are 10 springs of natural healing mineral waters with a temperature from 67 ° C to 69 ° C containing mineral substances and free gases.

They became famous thanks to modern methods of treatment of rheumatism and other diseases of the locomotive apparatus, but also to a beautiful spa park, a rich cultural and social life, a wide range of sports and active relaxation.

Thanks to its ideal location, rich traditions in the field of spa and tourism with ideal recreation and spa treatment, Piešťany has become a popular spa town.

For visitors of Piestany

Visitors will also be interested in interesting cultural events such as Opening of the Summer Spa Season, Piešťany Music Festival, Lodenica Festival, Miracle Nut Festival, Truck Arena, Victoria Regia Flower Show and Piešťany Rendezvous Theater Meeting.

If you can imagine spending time in an environment of specific sleepy atmosphere, calmly rumbling fountains, slow pace of passing visitors, promenade concerts, the greatest number of sunny days, ubiquitous greenery or flying gulls, stop by, sit on the summer cafes or at the sunset terraces Feel the healing atmosphere of the SPA town of Piešťany at the Colonnade Bridge.

SPA Piestany

Historical monuments

You can experience the beauty of the region through the rich culture and history of the town of Piešťany. On the Spa Island you can stroll along the historic spa promenade bridge, which also presents some fine artists.

On the Spa Island, you can enjoy the history of the Napoleonic Spa, which is a complex of the three oldest spa buildings in Piešťany.

• Spa promenade bridge
• Bath Directorate
• Pranier
• Roman Catholic Church School
• Military Spa Institute
• Spa hall – kursalon
• Spa house Slovan
• Pink mill
• Gymnasium
• House of Arts
• Art school
• Roman Catholic parish church of st. Stephen the King
• Spa chapel at the colonnade bridge
• Evangelical and V church
• Monument to victims war
• Ludwig van Beethoven Memorial
• Monument to Adam Trajan of Benešov
• Liberation Monument
• Bronze sculpture lovers
• Piešťany Power Station
• Landscape Bridge
• Water tower
• Old monastery
• Napoleonic baths
• Thermal swimming pool EVA