Pajštún Castle

Borinka village

Bratislava is an ideal starting point for a trip to the castle Pajštún, in the village Borinka in the Little Carpathians. In the past, it was one of the border castles of the Little Carpathians. In the 13th century it was supposed to protect the north-western borders of the Hungarian Kingdom.

Unfortunately, in the middle of the 18th century the castle burnt down and in 1810 it was finally destroyed by Napoleon’s troops.

The owners of the castle Pajštún ruled the territory surrounding the town of Stupava. The castle was owned by counts from the towns of Svätý Jur and Pezinok. Only the ruins on the upper part of the limestone rock at 486 m remained.

Nowadays, the ruins are often visited by tourists, because the upper plain of the ruins offers an impressive view of the Záhorská lowland, Pezinok, Devín as well as all the way in the Stupavský brook valley.

Pajštún Castle