Oponice Manor house


Manor house Oponice, lies near the town of Nitra, in the village Oponice, in western Slovakia. It is a great attraction for lovers of art and history.

It is the only luxury historic hotel in Slovakia with four stars and a 20,000 baroque library in Slovakia, which boasts not only a rich history with a number of personalities, but also its “rising from the ashes of ruins” in 2007-2011.

Right in the castle there is a museum, which contains mainly paintings and hunting trophies. The castle is also one of the largest libraries from the time of the Hungarian Kingdom.

History of the manor house Oponice

The Apponyi were prominent Hungarian families and in times of the Enlightenment and the reign of Maria Theresa they were among the most important and richest families in Hungary. For their merits were promoted by Emperors Rudolf II. and Karol VI. Barons and Counts. The last member of this family in Oponice was Henrich Apponyi, who died without offspring.

Oponice manor house is surrounded by a beautiful park with rare trees, dominated by beautiful sets of plane plane trees, or an umbrella form of rare ginkgo.

Social events

As tennis had a long tradition, two new tennis courts and a park lake were built on the site of the original court. The manor house is used for wedding receptions, birthday parties, corporate events, conferences, seminars, stylish events and other social events in beautiful and spacious rooms (wedding salon, blue salon, private salon).

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