Observatory and cable car on Lomnický Peak

Observatory on Lomnický Peak

Observatory on Lomnický Peak in the High Tatras is the highest point in Slovakia where people work regularly. It is located at altitude 2,632 m above sea level. The upper part of Lomnicky Peak is an ideal place for meteorological and astronomical research and measurement. Since 1940 regular meteorological observations have been carried out here.

In 1962, an astronomical center of physics and cosmic ray laboratory staff was established at the Lomnicky peak. It is part of the Institute of Astronomy of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Its establishment was preceded by the opening of the astronomical observatory at Skalnate Pleso in September 1943.

Cableway to Lomnický Peak

One of the most sought-after attractions of the High Tatras is the cable car to the peak of Lomnicky peak, which together with a beautiful view offers an unforgettable experience.

The first section of the cable car from Tatranská Lomnica to Skalnaté pleso was built in 1937 on the other side, the more demanding section from the lake Skalnaté pleso to the peak of Lomnický peak began to work in 1940. We can say that the Tatras received which, thanks to its parameters, had no competition in the world until 1958.

The cableway operates between the Skalnaté pleso lake and the peak of Lomnický Peak, suspended on a 1,867 meter long rope. Overcomes the altitude difference of 868 meters. Originally, the lift was only supported by one pillar on the south side of the hill. After a complete reconstruction is without one.

In 1973, a new gondola lift was introduced, which transports visitors between the villages of Tatranská Lomnica and Lake Skalnaté pleso.