Nitra Castle


The dominant of the one of the oldest Slovak city – Nitra is Nitra Castle. It was built in the 11th century on a large Slavic fortified settlement, the seat of the rulers of Nitra and Great Moravian princes.

The seat of the bishop

The castle is the seat of the bishop. Nitra Castle is the cradle of our cultural and national history. It offers its visitors a meeting with its roots, the beginnings of education, writing, faith and the birth of the nation.

The castle is also a cultural zone, in the summer months cultural program opens its doors even after dark. Its visitors will be delighted by the beautiful scenery of historic buildings, greenery and sophisticated lighting.

The core of the castle is a cathedral with an adjacent residence of bishops. The oldest preserved part of the cathedral is the Romanesque church.

History of Nitra Castle

Nitra Castle stands on the site of an old high Slavic settlement, originally surrounded by the meandering trough of the river Nitra. The first written mention of the fort comes from 871. It mentions the construction activity of Prince Pribina and the consecration of his church in Nitra in 828. During the Great Moravia stayed in Nitra Prince Svätopluk. Nitra is also mentioned in connection with the work of Saints Cyril and Methodius. Since 880 there was the center of the newly established Nitra bishopric.

After a fire in the second half of the 13th century and after the troops Matúš Čaká destroyed it, the Gothic church was reconstructed. Since then it has served as a trusted place of the cathedral and later as its treasury.

Nitra Castle

At present, together with the upper and lower churches, it forms the most valuable structure in the castle grounds – the Episcopal Cathedral. The castle area and the cathedral are open to the public.

Nitra Castle is located in the center of Nitra on a hill, about 15 minutes walk from the County House.