Mint in Kremnica

Mint in Kremnica

Mint in Kremnica is a historical center of gold mining and coin minting in Slovakia. Coins were minted in the local mint for nearly 700 years. Initially gold coins and later ducats were minted from the local mined gold.

Museum of coins and medals

The Museum of Coins and Medals is located in one of the old town houses. It is a source of information about local traditions in metal milling and finishing.

The Mint in Kremnica opened an exhibition that offers a view of interesting exhibits in the premises of the historic building along with a tour of the old mint. The coin minting area is the heart of every mint, the culmination of a highly professional and technologically accurate metal casting process.

Preserved, historical machines represent a technical and historical monument of international importance. Billions of coins were minted on these machines and in these spaces, not only for the home country, but also for dozens of others around the world. At present, visitors have the opportunity to inspect the new mint, which is used to mint Slovak Euro coins.