Mansion Mošovce, Mansion Rusovce

Mansion Mošovce

The village of Mošovce has an attractive Rococo-Classicist mansion Mošovce from the second half of the 18th century. It stands on the edge of a large English park with several interesting structures and a pond.

It was reconstructed and rebuilt into a luxury tourist accommodation in 1990. Ján Kollár’s memorial room in the village of Mošovce displays documents about the life and work of this important Slovak poet.

Mansion Rusovce

The castle boasts an attractive façade, with towers, dulcimer and a terrace. In front of the mansion is a statue of a lion standing on a pillar. The manor house has a large park and the folk ensemble SĽUK has been using it since 1951. At present, the chateau is administered by the Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic and is therefore closed to the public.