Mansion Moravany nad Váhom and Mansion Strážky

Mansion Moravany nad Váhom

An important cultural and historical monument around the spa town of Piešťany in southwestern Slovakia is the Renaissance mansion Moravany nad Váhom.

In the past, sculptures by artists from all over the world were exhibited in the chateau park. The mansion served as the home of Slovak artists. It is currently closed to the public.

Venus of Moravany

In Moravany is also an important archaeological site with remains of mammoth hunters. Also found here was the Neolithic Venus of Moravany, a statue of a woman carved from a mammoth bone, whose age is estimated to be more than 20,000 years, making it the oldest Slovak work of art. The statuette is now stored in collections exhibited at the castle in Bratislava.

Mansion Strážky

Mansion Strážky is a gem of Slovak Renaissance architecture. The castle was built supposedly built on the ruins of the Templar monastery. It is one of the oldest in Slovakia.

The reconstructed chateau serves the Slovak National Gallery, which presents its exhibitions – historical furniture and interior.

National cultural monument

St. Anne’s Church and the Renaissance bell tower, together with the estate, are a national cultural monument. The English park from the 19th century has been reconstructed and revitalized and statues are now on display here.