Mansion Mojmírovce


Mansion Mojmírovce is located 15 km south of the center of the Nitra region in the village Mojmírovce.

The 18th-century Baroque-Classicist Mojmírovce mansion surrounded by an English park offers you a unique atmosphere today.

The mansion is dominated by the Hall of Tolerance, the Icon Salon, the Salon of a native of Mojmírovce, Count Grassalkovič, once the most famous stud farm in Hungary, uniquely rebuilt into a congress hall and a 300-year-old wine cellar.

Convenient location 1 hour drive from Bratislava ensures convenient accessibility.

History of the manor house

The history of the Mojmírovce mansion began to be written after the Ottoman wars ended. At a time when refugees, the original inhabitants but also new settlers, were returning back to the villages.

Stud farm

The botanical garden called the “glass house” was part of the castle, unfortunately it no longer exists. The large stud farm in which the pure-bred Arabian, Spanish and Italian breeds were bred was an incentive to organize public horse races, which became the first ever horse races in the then Hungarian Kingdom.

After several reconstructions, the Mojmírovce manor house and the former stud farm turned into a modern hotel and congress complex providing tourist services.