Mansion Markušovce


Markušovce mansion is one of the most impressive buildings of eastern Slovakia, located in the southern part of Spiš.

History of Markušovce mansion

It was built in the middle of the 17th century. Due to the expected arrival of Emperor Joseph II, a summer residence of Dardanelles was built in the castle garden. The summer residence hall is decorated with impressive frescoes and is currently used as a concert hall.

Manor house was built in the Renaissance period. The original layout of the mansion with a central staircase and rich stucco vaults has been preserved to this day. The premises of the mansion and buildings that completed its immediate environment during the Renaissance period were also used as a humanistic school.

Markušovce mansion served its owners as a fortified mansion for a hundred years. In 1773, they began to renew their own mansion with an effort to change its appearance to a fashionable rokoho seat. Shortly afterwards, they began building a summer house called the Dardanelles.