Mansion Humenné, manor house Michalovce

Mansion Humenné

Humenné mansion is now the seat of the Vihorlat Museum. It contains collections from the fields of art, history and nature, the content of which relates to the area of ​​Zemplín.

The historical exhibition, the gallery of the Hungarian kings, the Chinese parlor, the collection of weapons and the unique coin collection from the 2nd century BC are other interesting items.

Rare woods are grown in the garden of the manor house and folk architecture exhibitions are open-air.

Manor house Michalovce

The most attractive cultural monument of Michalovce is its castle. In its park was discovered the easternmost rotunda in Slovakia. Rotundas origin dates back to the Great Moravian Empire.

The mansion is now the seat of the Zemplín Museum. Museum documents the development of nature, society and the arts of the region from the oldest to the present.

A very valuable and unique piece is the bronze amphora with the oldest depiction of a two-wheeled cart in Central Europe.