Manor house St Anton

Manor house St Anton

In the village of Svätý Anton, there is a monumental Baroque-Classicist Manor house St Anton with a beautiful English park. The former Bulgarian tsar Ferdinand lived here until the end of World War II.

Symbolic calendar

St Anton mansion has an interesting architecture that represents a symbolic calendar. It has four entrances, 7 passages, 12 chimneys, 52 rooms and 365 windows.

At present, the castle of St. Anton is home to the Museum of History and Hunting. In addition to the beautiful interior with original furniture, there is a long corridor in the castle with a large number of hunting trophies, especially antlers, which attract visitors.

History of the Manor house St Anton

The golden furniture room, which Empress Maria Theresa gave to her daughter Maria Antoinette as a wedding gift, is a pearl among the chateau’s assets. An attractive hunting festival: St Hubert Days are held at the castle every year in early September.

Part of the history of the mansion in Saint Anton are Kohary and Coburg, who concentrated here beautiful works of clever hands of artists and craftsmen from different parts of the world.

The rich furnishings of the Svätý Anton mansion, which you can admire in the art-historical exposition, reflect the way of life of these two families. The whole complex was declared a national cultural monument in 1985.

The hunting exhibition, the largest of its kind in Slovakia, also contains a rich collection of historical hunting weapons, paintings, works of art, books and photographs.

Part of the grounds is a beautiful park, which freely passes into the forest. It is assumed that the greatest bloom of the park experienced the completion of the mansion around 1750.