Manor house Kubínyi

National cultural monument

Vyšný Kubín in Orava is not only the birthplace of P. O. Hviezdoslav and M. Figuli, it is also a place where is located a uniquely reconstructed historical area of the national cultural monument – Manor house Kubínyi.

Manor house Kubínyi
Manor house Kubínyi, Slovakia.

The manor house fell into disrepair for many years, but the new owners restored it to a spirit that had almost disappeared from the place due to neglect. Currently, there is a hotel and wellness area, a wine cellar and a beautiful English park.

Manor house Kubínyi, Vyšný Kubín.

History of the manor house

Part of the manor house dates from the 17th century. Its characteristic appearance was taken care of by the then owners Jozef Kubínyi Sr. and his wife Amalia František de Adda by a Baroque reconstruction in the 18th century.

Historical documents prove to us that a building was built in the area of ​​Kaštieľ Kubínyi in the 15th century. However nothing of it has been preserved. In the 17th century, Beňadik Kubínyi built a Renaissance mansion here, of which two basement rooms have been preserved to this day.

History of the Manor house Kubínyi.

The most important period for this area was the middle of the 18th century. At that time, Jozef Kubínyi moved with his wife Amalia de Adda, who declared the manor as their permanent residence and expanded it according to their needs. They gave it more or less the same appearance as it has in the exterior today and at the same time they added the so-called onion turrets.

Jozef Kubínyi was a sub-governor of the Orava stool and Amalia was a member of an important Milanese family that traded in gold in Banská Štiavnica. Probably, therefore, considerable funds flowed for the construction of such, for those conditions even a luxurious residence. They could also afford to paint the interiors. They both died here.

19th and 20th century

In the 19th century, a reconstruction took place in the style of Classicism, when tympanums were added above the main entrance and on the east side (above the main entrance is the coat of arms of the Kubínyi family and the coat of arms of Adda on the east side).

Manor house Kubínyi, Slovakia.

The twentieth century was turbulent for the Manor house Kubínyi. In the 1940s, the manor house was taken away by the Kubínyi family and fell under state administration. During socialism, a cooperative, an insemination station, was located here, in the period 1987-1994 the Orava Gallery. After 1989, the Kubínyi manor was returned to his descendants, but he needed reconstruction. His descendants sold him. The new owners bought the manor house in the autumn of 2010 and began its reconstruction in the spring of 2011.

The manor house today

The owners care about history and its preservation on the broadest scale. That is why during the reconstruction they took into account the functionality of the original building elements. They only replaced those who explicitly requested it.

Manor house, Slovakia.

Several years of reconstruction turned the premises of the former barn into a charming restaurant, named after the wife of Jozef Kubínyi the elder – Amalia. Thanks to the acknowledged brick cladding, the space looks rustic, but it is complemented by a combination of modern and period furniture.

Restaurant Amalia.

In the attic of the manor and above the restaurant there are rooms where you can stay.

Rooms at the Manor house.

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The manor also offers guided tours (reservation required):
Wednesday at 18:00
Saturday at 16:00

The price:
Adult 6 €
Student / pensioner / disabled 4 €
Children under 12 accompanied by parents free of charge

Kubínyi Castle is a beautiful place where history meets the present and which is definitely worth a visit.

Manor house, Vyšný Kubín, Slovakia.

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Manor house Kubínyi, Vyšný Kubín