Liptovská Mara

Water reservoir in Liptov

Liptovská Mara water reservoir is located in Liptov near Liptovský Mikuláš. It is named after the village, which the water from the dam in the past completely flooded. The ruins of the church in the locality called Havránok are the only ones that remained above the surface. Liptovská Mara is the largest water reservoir in Slovakia in terms of water volume.

Tank construction

The construction of the dam required the removal of the inhabitants of several villages that were flooded, including several cultural and historical monuments, although the most important of them were moved and are now the main exhibits in the museum of the Liptov village in Pribylina.

Liptovský Trnovec

The most important summer resort on the bank of the dam is the village Liptovský Trnovec. It is a popular place for water sports. Beach, rental of sports equipment and excellent conditions for yachting and windsurfing are the assets of this popular resort. It is also a great starting point for trips to the Choč Hills and the Western Tatras.

Recreation area camp with playground, mini golf and volleyball court. Visitors can enjoy swimming and wide grassy beaches. Other recreational activities include surfing, water sports, fishing and water bicycles. Aquapark Tatralandia open year round, as well as Thermal Park Besenova are other attractions located in the immediate vicinity of the reservoir.

Liptovská Mara, Source: MRfoto
Liptovská Mara, Source: MRfoto
Liptov, Water tank, Source: Pixabay