Likava Castle a Liptovský Castle

Likava Castle

Likava Castle is located in the northwestern part of Liptov. Its construction was started with the intention to build a defensive point above the crossing of the river Vah and the trade route from Povazie to Orava and further to Poland.

The owners of the castle gradually reconstructed and expanded its core, where they built a part called Lower Castle. At the beginning of the 18th century, the retreating troops of František Rákóczi completely demolished the castle. The castle gradually fell into ruins. After a thorough reconstruction, the tower, which contains an exhibition on the history of the castle, was made available to the public.

Likava castle

Liptovský Castle

This highest situated castle in Slovakia is at an altitude of 993 m in Chočské vrchy. The first owner acquired it from the king as an inheritance.

Legend has it that one of the lords of the castle decided on another owner by shooting a cannonball. The owner was the one to which the ball fell. Since it fell near the village Sielnica, the castle is often referred to as Sielnický.

Near the castle there are archaeological sites with an exhibition.