Kremnica Town Castle

Museum of coins and medals

Kremnica Town Castle is part of the NBS – Museum of Coins and Medals. The town castle comprises several medieval buildings from the 14th to the 15th century, protected by fortifications to which the town walls are attached.

City walls are one of the best preserved city fortifications in Slovakia.

Town Castle

Kremnica Town Castle is accessible from Štefánik Square. Its architectural design represents a unique monument of medieval settlement. It is a complex of buildings from the 13th – 15th century protected by double fortifications. The Tuscan column of the pulpit, as well as the baptistery of pink marble of the most important Kremlin medalist Kristof Füsel, have been preserved from the Renaissance period. The church is blessed, it holds church ceremonies.

Church of St Catherine

The Church of St Catherine, the patron saint of the town, dominates the castle grounds. For centuries it was customary for guards to warn people of danger. The guardian’s room is currently used for exhibition purposes and also offers the most beautiful view of the city and its surroundings.

Between 1976 and 1996 the castle complex underwent a complete renovation. During this time he was in the church of st. Katarína installed a modern organ, one of the best quality tools in Slovakia.

To get here, visitors must climb a 127-foot stone spiral staircase.

Museum in Kremnica

The museum offers visitors to the Kremnica Town Castle also historical and artistic exhibitions in other museum spaces: Baroque sculptures at the Town Hall, Archaeological Research of the Castle and the City Defense in the North Tower, and the Kremnica Bells and Bell Founders.