European City of Culture

Košice is a place where the West meets the East, history with the present. It is a unique Central European metropolis, European Capital of Culture 2013 and European Sports City 2016. The city is home to the oldest marathon in Europe, the largest monument reserve in Slovakia and the largest and most important gold treasure in Europe.

Kosice is the second largest city in Slovakia. Located in the Košice basin in the valley of the river Hornád, which flows through the city. In the west, the town is bordered by mountain landscape units – Montenegro and Volovské Hills. In the east the town of Košice and Košice basin is surrounded by a mountain landscape – Slanské vrchy.

There are many tourist sights and attractions in the city and are among the most popular tourist centers in Slovakia.

Kosice, Slovakia


The city was already one of the most important commercial crossroads in Europe. From 1307 the oldest guild statutes in the country were preserved and in 1369 Košice was the first town in Europe to have its own coat of arms.

Until the 18th century, the historic city center was fortified with walls. Today it is a nearly one kilometer long pedestrian area with historic buildings inhabited by medieval kings, counts and prominent representatives of the nobility, alternating with the houses of craftsmen, churches, squares and narrow streets. The original medieval square is now the dominant feature of the largest urban conservation area in Slovakia.


Must see

  1. St. Dome Cathedral Elizabeth
  2. Statue of Sándor Márai
  3. Church of st. Michala
  4. Historic Town Hall
  5. Immaculata
  6. Kat’s bastion and Rodošto
  7. Coat of arms of the city
  8. Mikluš Prison
  9. Urban Tower
  10. Lower Gate
  11. Jakab Palace
  12. Gerster’s House