Kežmarok Castle

Kežmarok Castle

The town of Kežmarok is dominated by the Kežmarok Castle. The castle was built in 1463 and was built to defend the city on the site of the medieval village of St. Elizabeth.

The buildings in the castle courtyard were equipped with Renaissance arcades. The luxurious halls were decorated with murals and the interior of the castle chapel was restored in the Baroque style.

History of the Castle

Curiosity and courage were the qualities of the noble princess Beata Laska the owner of Kežmarok Castle. Otherwise, she would never embark on a journey accompanied by several burghers from Kežmarok to not too distant Tatras.

When the princess returned three days later, after visiting the Green Plesa, her husband waited angrily for her at the castle gate. He decided to close the princess in the tower, where she graduated for 6 long years in extremely difficult conditions.

The only relief to her misfortune was that the tower had two small windows, one overlooking her beloved Tatras, and the other through which she received food.

Visitors can see many expositions and theater performances during the summer nights. Kežmarok Castle is located in the city center.