Limes Romanus

The Romans built a defense system called Limes Romanus along the Danube. One of the advanced fortresses stood next to the village of Iža, near Komárno.

The remains of this system represent one of the most important Roman monuments in Slovakia. In Leányvár or Dívčí Castle, archaeologists have discovered one of the largest Roman buildings in our country, known as the Barbarian.

Romans in Slovakia

The fortress was built by the Romans in the 2nd century as a so-called border station. Its origins date from found coins from the time of Emperor Mark Aurelius. To this day, only remains of stone fortifications, fragments of walls in close proximity to the northern gate and part of the southern fortifications have been preserved.

Archaeological finds from the village of Iža were moved to Komárno, the Ponitrian Museum in Nitra and the castle in Bratislava.