Hrušov Castle and Jasenov Castle

Hrušov Castle

A few kilometers north of Topoľčianky in the Tribeč Mountains, there is the castle Hrušov, which rises on the top of Skalka at an altitude of 488 m.

Built in the 13th century, this royal castle guarded the trade route passing through the Tribeč Mountains. It was destroyed by imperial troops and has since decayed.

However, its surviving walls can create a romantic atmosphere and provide a beautiful panoramic view of Tríbeč and Pohronský Inovec.

Jasenov Castle

South of Humenné, in the beautiful forests of the humen hills are the ruins of the castle named Jasenov from the 13th century.

Jasenov Castle is also known because one of its owners minted fake coins. After repeated complaints from the nobles of Poland and the Kingdom of Hungary, the Royal Chamber imposed a counterfeiting sentence. Master Mikuláš, who was in charge of the castle workshop, was imprisoned and later executed on the square in Prešov.

In the middle of the 17th century the castle was occupied and heavily damaged by the troops. Since then he began to decay.