Havranok Archaeological Park

The unique Havranok Archaeological Park is located near the dam Liptovská Mara. It’s a magical place and a visit to this park promises a great experience. Havranok is one of the most important archaeological sites in Slovakia.


It points to the presence of the Celts in the Liptov region between the 4th and 1st centuries BC. Archaeologists have discovered remains of settlements from the Iron Age, known as the La Tène period. Celts living in the past in Liptov were referred to as Kotins. The size of the place gives the impression that the settlement was of regional importance. In addition to a large number of ceramics, jewelry, iron and bronze objects, Havranok also found the remains of defensive walls, the cult site of the Druids and fragments of Celtic dwellings.

Experimental archeology was applied to Havranok, which means that the findings were dug and preserved and replicas were used in their place. Thanks to this, Havránok became the first archaeological park in Slovakia, where visitors can observe the reconstructed buildings, furnaces and walls with a gate. In summer, Havránok organizes various cultural events, such as fenced fights, examples of Celtic religious ceremonies and various craft activities.