Gýmeš Castle and Hričovský castle

Gýmeš Castle

Above the village of Jelenec in the Tribeč Mountains, at an altitude of 514 m is the originally Gothic castle of Gýmeš.

The Turks conquered and damaged the castle, was restored and settled until 1865. However, then began to deteriorate and only some of the castle walls survived.

The legend of the castle says that in the past, guests were welcomed with spade dancing, which consisted of four spikes with spade and an inscription in the guest book.

Hričovský Castle

To the west of Žilina near the river Váh, there are ruins that were originally a Romanesque castle of Hričov. It is one of the oldest castles in the middle part of the Povazie region. To date, only a few palace walls and a tower have been preserved.

Beautiful views from the ruins of the surrounding mountains and the valley of the river Vah increase the pleasant experience.