The Geyser of Herľany


Herľany is one of the most popular tourist destinations around Košice. The famous the geyser of Herľany, which created man and made it possible for nature to show its strength and beauty, rises from the ground. In the 19th century it was necessary to find another source of mineral water for baths. Thanks to a borehole more than 400 meters deep a geyser was enriched with minerals. It is a natural phenomenon activated by human activity, but its eruption is influenced by nature.

European unique

It is one of the few cold geysers in the world. His closest counterpart can be found in Germany, and we would have to travel further to distant Iceland.

Based on the last eruption, the approximate time of the next one can be calculated. The originally more frequent and more intense eruption currently has a periodicity of approximately 32 to 34 hours. The height of the geyser is a maximum of 20 m and the water spouts about 20 to 30 minutes.

The Geyser of Herľany is surrounded by a beautiful historical park. (Estimated time for the next eruption of the Herlian Geyser can be viewed at the following link: