Get to know the best of the Tatras

Get to know the best of the Tatras

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Our mountains are full of interesting and exceptional places that are worth seeing. In this article, I focus on choosing the best from the Tatras.

The smallest mountains in the world

Tatras are the smallest mountains in the world and it is relatively easy for each of us to see them. Basically, you just have to run over Liptov, from where you can easily get to our oldest national park – the Tatra National Park (TANAP), which attracts tourists from all over the world with a rare concentration of natural beauty in a relatively small area.

Tatras, Slovakia. Source: Pixabay

1. The highest peak

Gerlach peak (Gerlach) is the highest peak in the Tatras, Slovakia and the entire Carpathians. Its height is 2655 m. n. m. and the name is derived from the village of Gerlachov, above which the hill rises and also belonged to its area. It lies in the southeastern part of Gerlach, from which it is separated by Gerlachovské sedlo. From the top, the ridge continues to Kotlový peak, where it branches off and creates the famous Gerlachov boiler. Gerlach peak is one of the most visited peaks in the Tatras due to its height, accessibility and beautiful mountain scenery. The length of the ascent is 7-9 hours, the ascent is not suitable for beginners.

2. The biggest lake

With an area of ​​20.08 ha and a depth of 53 m, Veľké Hincovo tarn is the largest and at the same time the deepest karst lake in the Slovak High Tatras. Located in altitude 1946 m above sea level. in the upper part of the Mengusovská valley. The walls of Kôprovský peak rise above the lake, from which there is an incredible view of the lake and the valley. No surface stream flows into the lake and the Hincov stream flows out of it, which after the connection with Krupa forms the Poprad river.

Tarn, Tatras. Source: Pixabay

3. The highest waterfall

Kmeťov waterfall is located in a spruce forest on the western side of the lower slopes of Kriváň in Kôprová dolina. Its height is 80 meters and is named after the important Slovak nationalist and scientist Andrej Kmeť. Immediate access to the Kmeť waterfall is forbidden due to its size and strength, but you have a sufficient and perfect view of it from the viewing platform on the left side of the stream.

4. The most visited attraction

One of the most popular attractions of the High Tatras is the cable car to the top of Lomnický peak, which together with the beautiful view offers an unforgettable experience. The cable car works between the lake Skalnaté pleso and the top of Lomnický peak, suspended on a 1,867 meter long rope. It overcomes an altitude difference of 868 meters. The cable car transports
visitors between the villages of Tatranská Lomnica and Lake Skalnaté pleso.

Cablecar, Lomnicky Peak. Source: Pixabay

5. The most famous and most visited lake

Štrbské pleso is the second largest lake in Slovakia. At the same time, as the only available lake from all Tatra lakes, you can ride it in boats and enjoy such a unique view of the Tatras. The boating tradition has a history of more than 130 years, which was renewed in 2008 after 25 years.

Štrba Tarn. Source: Pixabay

6. The most mysterious Tatra world

Belianska Cave is the only accessible cave in the Tatras. It lies below the eastern end of the ridge of the Belianske Tatras, on the northern slope of Kobylie Hill. The starting point for the visit is the settlement of Tatranská Kotlina, you will get here after about 30 minutes of ascent, the reward of which is a tour of a karst cave along a route more than a kilometer long. You will definitely be attracted by the rich dripstone decoration with large spaces in gray-blue limestones

7. The longest hiking trail

The longest and most important tourist route is the red marked Tatra highway. It intersects the entire southern slope of the High Tatras from Podbanské to the Great White Lake at the foot of the Belianske Tatras. The total length of the Tatra highway is 46.25 km. The origin of the highway dates back to the thirties of the twentieth century and was completed in the fifties. Its lowest point is located in Podbanské (963 m above sea level) and the highest reaches a height of 2,037 m above sea level. m ..

Tatras, Slovakia. Source: Pixabay

8. The highest situated cottage

Cottage under Rysy is the highest mountain cottage in the Tatras and Slovakia, which is open only during the summer season. It is situated in a valley that is part of the Žabích plies basin at the end of the Mengusovská valley.

9. The largest city in Slovakia

If you thought that the largest city in Slovakia was Bratislava, you were wrong. The largest city is the High Tatras with an area of 39,816 ha. It consists of a group of 15 separate settlements, which are interconnected, the most famous are: Štrbské Pleso, Starý Smokovec and Tatranská Lomnica.

Štrba Tarn. Source: Pixabay

10. The most massive wall

The wall of Malý Kežmarský peak is the largest rock wall in the High Tatras. It is located in the northern part of Malý Kežmarok Peak and its height is 900 m., It is an ideal place for climbers. More than 100 first ascents lead through the massive north wall, many of which were of great importance in Tatra mountaineering.

11. The highest situated saddle

Sedielko is the highest situated saddle, which is located between Zadní Ľadový štít and Široka tower at an altitude of 2,376 m. n. m. Sedielko connects Malá Studená dolina and Zadná Javorová dolina and you can cross it from Starý Smokovec or Tatranská Javorina (in both directions).

12. The oldest snow and the Tatra Glacier

Medená valley is a place in the Tatras. At this place snow is maintained even in the summer months. The location of the valley, in the shadow of Lomnický peak, predestines it to the place of year-round ice and snow. Under a snow field, scientists have discovered the Tatra Glacier. It is hidden under a layer of rubble that isolates it from external climatic conditions.

Tatras. Source: Pixabay

13. The highest botanical garden

The botanical garden on Lomnický peak is even the highest in the whole of Europe. Of interest is the diversity of vegetation at the very top of the peak. Of the flowering plants, it inhabits the top part of 34 species, ie almost all plants occurring on the ten peaks and towers of the Tatras, exceeding the height of 2600 m above sea level. m.

Finally, the most interesting of the Tatras ?

The largest animal is the Brown Bear and the largest bird in the Tatras is the Golden Eagle.

Eagle. Source: Pixabay

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