Castle Zvolen, Castle Zborov, Castle Zniev

Castle Zvolen

Zvolen Castle is the most distinctive feature and symbol of central Slovakia. An armored train is located near the chateau to commemorate the Slovak National Uprising.

The Gothic – Renaissance chateau was originally a hunting chateau and a villa of Hungarian kings. The coffered ceiling in the Royal Hall, which features 78 portraits of Roman and German emperors, has been preserved to this day.

The chateau is currently administered by the Slovak National Gallery, which is mainly used for exhibitions. Every summer a theater festival called Zvolen Castle Games takes place in the courtyard of the chateau.

Castle Zvolen

Zborov Castle

Not far from Bardejov are the ruins of Zborov Castle, also called Makovica. Its purpose was to protect roads linking the Kingdom of Hungary with Poland. The imperial troops fighting during the rebellion in 1684 attacked and destroyed the castle. Only the walls of a large Renaissance chateau survived.

Zniev Castle

High above the village of Kláštor pod Znievom, in the mountains of Malá Fatra, there is a ruin of Zniev Castle. It is the second highest castle in Slovakia (985 m).

The castle was set on fire by troops and eventually burned down. It fell into disrepair and after the 18th century it was only ruins that offer a wide view of the Turčianska kotlina basin.